Sudden Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the Northwest, conceived in the late 60’s and now home to over 7,000 residents, plus an abundance of wildlife.

Sudden Valley is proud of its community and offers activities for all ages and abilities, including marina, parks, playgrounds, miles of hiking trails, and an 18-hole golf course designed by the renowned course architect, Ted Robinson.

The Community Center recreation area, run by the YMCA, includes a state of the art fitness center and outdoor Olympic size swimming pool. An adult-only pool is located in the Adult Center along with the temporary library location.

President’s Letter 8/28/17

“…Differing opinions are always welcome when they are sincere and based on facts. None of us is perfect, and the only way we grow and learn is by remaining open to criticism. Three hundred and fifty years ago, the great philosopher Spinoza said that no government can last if it tries to control the thoughts and speech of its people. It is an idea embodied in the U.S. Constitution, guaranteed by the First Amendment among the original Bill of Rights. It is also an idea embraced by the Board in its practice of allowing property-owner comments at both the beginning and end of Board meetings. It is also embodied in the Bylaws requirement that the Views publishers have complete, independent editorial control of Views content…”

Please review the full letter by clinking the HERE.  



Burn Ban Update: Effective 8am, Wednesday, 9/20/17

Whatcom County has updated the burn ban restrictions. Provided that winds are low (under 7 MPH), we may now have enclosed, recreational fires, which use seasoned firewood or charcoal. There are some specifics about the enclosure you’ll need to read up on.  For that information, please click HERE. Please be sure to have: 15 feet … Continue reading Burn Ban Update: Effective 8am, Wednesday, 9/20/17

Jazz Concert: Josephine Howell and The Atlantics

Josephine Howell and the Atlantics Bring the Blues to Sudden Valley Jazz Series The blues and jazz have always been close. A lot of people say that jazz actually came out of the blues that was first sung in Southern fields by slaves picking cotton. Other people argue that jazz and blues are two distinct … Continue reading Jazz Concert: Josephine Howell and The Atlantics

Traffic Updates

When?               9/18/17 (on and off all day from 8am-8pm) Where?             Lake Louise Dr. to southern Grand View Dr. (lower numbers) What?                Concrete trucks will be lined up, off of the road, pre-staged to pour a foundation for a new home.  Please, follow the instructions of flaggers and posted signs.  We appreciate your patience as … Continue reading Traffic Updates

2017 AGM Voter's Booklet

The 2017 AGM Voter’s Booklet is now available HERE, or by clicking on the 2017 AGM button on the left of the SVCA homepage. The booklet includes the President’s Letter, the Agenda, all of the Measures to be voted on, and the Candidate Biographies. If you have any questions, please contact NE@suddenvalley.com.

2017 Roads Construction Contracting and Bid Process

2017 Roads Construction Contracting and Bid Process This year’s Roads work was awarded to Granite Construction; who was determined to have provided the best value lowest bid.  Granite, along with other contractors, had prior toured the Valley to obtain situational awareness of the work sites and completed their bid based on a rigid set of project … Continue reading 2017 Roads Construction Contracting and Bid Process