2018 Annual General Meeting

SVCA 2018 AGM Election Booklet

Candidate Information



I am a long-time Bellingham resident of 27 years — making the move to Sudden Valley four years ago with my husband. I have a degree in Graphic Design/Advertising and a Grant Writing certificate, and currently work remotely as a Senior Graphic Designer for a large Tampa software firm.

I want to make a difference and have been an active participant in the   community:

  • Sudden Valley Garden Club President
  • Sudden Valley Barn View Community Garden Manager
  • Sudden Valley STRONG Team Member
  • Annual Breakfast with Santa Volunteer
  • Parkview PTA Board
  • BHS Band Booster Club Board
  • Small Business Owner – 19 year


During my time here in Sudden Valley over the past four years, I have demonstrated a deep commitment to the betterment of our community by serving in many volunteer activities, committees, and groups. Sudden Valley is a special place with a sense of community that I have never experienced before. I see events that encourage involvement and participation from all of us and people trying to make a difference. I have met a lot of good people who want to unite this community and contribute    in making it the best it can be.

My interest in the outdoors led me right away to become part of the SV Garden Club and shortly after I became president. The group’s membership has grown over the past few years to an active group of 20+ members. Our annual plant sale funds the maintenance of the library garden and pathway, along with volunteers. Last year I became the manager of Sudden Valley’s newest community garden, the SV Barn View Garden, which is now in its second year near the barns. I worked closely with the WSU

Extension Office in securing grant money for the garden’s fencing materials and acted as the volunteer coordinator as we invested over 400 hours during our first year to build the garden from an empty lot. I’m proud of the fact that as our first growing season is coming to a close, we have donated almost 100 pounds of extra produce to the Bellingham Food   Bank.

As a Board member, I will work just as hard to ensure that we continue the path to fiscal responsibility, remain open to listening to the community at large, and have a more proactive outreach and engagement with our members. I believe that careful budgeting and careful spending are paramount for the Board of Directors to best serve our community. I am also committed to keeping the assets in our area — including roads and culverts, forest management, and parks and rec — maintained and   well managed as stated in our association bylaws; which benefits each of us as property owners, as  well as our way of life.

I will work diligently to see that our community goals come to fruition with thoughtful and honest participation. I will do that by networking, promoting positive messages about our community, thinking outside the box, collaborating with all board members, and listening to our members.

I am a candidate that cares about our future here in Sudden Valley and I’m asking for your vote.




Our family moved to Sudden Valley in August 2011, from Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew up and lived in Las Vegas for 50 years. I worked as an Ironworker for over 30 years all around Las Vegas and the Strip. I worked as a foreman, general foreman, and superintendent for over 20 of those years.

 Encouraged by my wife, Allison, we looked for a new place to live that didn’t melt your flipflops. A place that has good schools and people that believe clean air and water are essential for a good life.  We chose Sudden Valley, and it’s beautiful.


My name is Samuel Shahan and I am running for Board of Directors,SVCA. Our family first rented houses in Sudden Valley, after living in the trees of SV, we decided to buy a home and stay in Sudden Valley. My experience running jobs big and small in Las Vegas, taught me that attention to details was the difference between a poorly run job and a well run profitable job.

I have been working as a summer hire for the SV maintenance dept. under the direction of Bruce Bishop. I was hired to work on roads/vegetation control as a traffic flagger and branches chipper. We also worked on maintenance projects. Over 5 months on the roads in Sudden Valley,I have seen how things are under the surface and up close. I have had a very memorable summer, and I learned a lot. 

I have seen many of the things that need to be maintained, culverts, drainages, trees over the roads, parks,buildings, etc. Some of the infrastructure is no longer viable and needs to be replaced or simply torn down. Maintaining the roads and culverts should be our first priority. Our maintenance Dept. needs some new tools of all kinds, they have been using a lot of very old worn out tools, which is time consuming and dangerous, and wasteful.

When residents call with complaints or requests, they should be given a tracking number and get a notice of work to be done or not in the scope of work SVCA does.

Dues increases should be used on the project that it was raised for. A never ending increase is something that would put a lot of pressure on everyone. Which would cause a drop of value and quality all across Sudden Valley.




I grew up in Michigan. I have lived in Hawaii, California, New Jersey and Seattle.

After 30 years in Bothell, my Husband retired and we decided we wanted to live in a resort community.

Because of the amazing beauty, we chose Sudden Valley.

We purchased an abandoned home and became our own contractors after realizing the money was being spent poorly.

I have been a Retail Manager for various major companies over the years. Labor and productivity is my specialty.

I have produced increases and profits in every company I have worked for. This qualifies me to be an excellent candidate for the Sudden Valley BOD.


Elect me and we will finally have our voices back!

Running for the BOD was not something I had planned to do…My motivation began when finding out through the grapevine that decisions are being made without the involvement of the community, the current BOD is supporting only a small % of this community, and there is no transparency.

*dues are increasing (we have many residents that struggle with the current dues)

*changes are being decided about our dog park

*money is being spent without clear accountability and our amenities are not being maintained

(Remember we as residents are writing the checks, it is our bank account that is being spent)


* I WILL DEMAND TO SEE THE CURRENT BUDGET TO CUT COSTS (employee wages currently @ 1.427 million alone needs revision …Until current amenties are being proplerly maintained, and tranparency with current projects is revealed we should not see an increase in dues.
I WILL MAKE SURE WE IMPROVE COMMUNICATION ( expecting residents to read board minutes is unrealistic )
(we pay the upkeep for these facilities , and charging outside residents will help offset the cost )
* I WILL WORK TO IMPROVE SECURITY BY EXPLORING THE OPTION OF HAVING A SHERIFF LOCATED HERE.(Security wages at 115k. We exist as an HOA but we are not gated, which is the most common HOA communities. So unarmed security is not effective like in a gated community)





In addition to serving as interim board member for the Sudden Valley Community Association (SVCA) Andrew serves on the board of directors for United Way of Skagit County, Burlington Chamber of Commerce, Sedro-Woolley Chamber of Commerce, and Padilla Bay Foundation. He is chair of the Washington Public Ports Association Communications Committee and serves on the SVCA Communications Committee, Mt. Vernon Marketing Campaign and the Sedro-Woolley Leadership Group. He is a member of the Burlington Rotary Club.

Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in English/Political Science from Western Washington University and a master’s degree in Communication Studies from Gonzaga University.


Just over a year ago, my wife and I moved to Sudden Valley with our two children and dog. As first-time homebuyers we feel lucky we had the opportunity to establish our roots here and call Sudden Valley home. 

I’m Andrew Entrikin and I’m here to help. I see opportunities for us to build on the success of the past and continue the good work we are currently pursuing. I believe my experience will benefit the board, association, and more importantly – our members.

I’m an experienced economic development administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Consensus Building, Organizational Culture and Marketing Management.

I also have experience serving on volunteer boards, committees, and other community groups. I currently serve as President of the Padilla Bay Foundation – focused on preserving the Padilla Bay estuary and the surrounding watershed, President of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and Vice-President of the Sedro-Woolley Chamber of Commerce where I’ve learned what it takes to focus on supporting and growing our existing members. As Vice President of the United Way of Skagit County I’ve learned what it means to identify a Bold Goal and work together as a community to tackle difficult challenges facing our area.  

Here in Sudden Valley, I think we need to update and build our brand blueprint. We need to build a new method for how our staff, board and members move forward together. And, communicate to our members – in collaboration with our members – how it will guide our community into the infinite future as a whole – representing every member in the most reasonable fashion possible.

This means working through three primary areas of focus:

Values. Identify our values as an association/community and run every idea, project, and task through them. When we identify a new service or a building that needs built or removed we need to think about how that action will improve the utility or functionality for our members.

Research. Invest in data, and let it guide us. When we determine we want to pursue a new service or make a policy change it is imperative we have solid data to support our decision. Internal and external data must flow through our decision-making process and be used to inform how we design and implement the value-added service. 

Build. We must build sustainable systems that weave themselves into the fabric of our members’ everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.

I’m Andrew and I’m here to help.




I’ve lived in Sudden Valley for 3 years and love it!  I volunteer on the Communications Committee as well as the events and web sub-committees.  I am on the Finance Committee, giving me a working knowledge of our challenges as well as possibilities.  In my career I have experience with budgets, marketing, management and am a member of SHRM in my current position as a Human Resources manager.  I believe in finding common ground, collaborating, listening and responsibility in leadership.  I invite you to visit my LinkedIn page for more detailed experience and reference information.


My vision for Sudden Valley is one of an informed and engaged community that has the opportunity to enjoy all it has to offer.  I fell in love with the beauty of it the first time I visited our home in gate 3. We moved in December so I didn’t immediately meet anyone and instead spent a lot of time on Facebook pages to get to know the community and really started questioning our move.  It wasn’t until I stepped away from that environment, asked questions and researched what I was hearing, until I met neighbors and got involved that I started believing in our move, and ultimately our community. 

In researching and volunteering I’ve come to believe many issues, poor community engagement and lack of knowledge are largely due to insufficient communication and information avenues.  I’ve talked with community leaders and have sat on committees exploring ways to communicate better and I believe the intent is there. The delivery could be improved.  It’s hard and sometimes complicated. Timely, accurate and transparent sharing of what is going on in our community is and will remain a priority for me.  I’m committed to doing my part to help with that on the Communications Committee and would like to further that as a Board Member. 

My vision is to see a community that is excited to engage whether it be in events, at common areas, on committees or in open forum discussions about our future.  Whether everyone agrees on a subject or not, as a community we will only be successful when people feel invited to come together, to collaborate, to engage.  I hope that we as a community, that our leaders, can do more to create opportunities for personal interactions where everyone feels welcome and we get to know each other as people and not opinions on the computer.

To do these things, to maintain the infrastructure our community is built around, we need to face some hard facts.  We are currently underfunded to adequately care for our assets.  I say that as someone that has spent many hours in the last year looking at SV finances on my own time and at committee meetings.  I have the same concerns as every member does.  I too have a personal budget that will be affected.  I loved the fact our dues are so low compared to what we paid at our previous HOA. But I learned it’s simply not enough to maintain what we have. I’d like the opportunity to represent our entire community as we navigate through the changes in laws, through budgeting and making big decisions.  I’d like to do this a person that also has concerns – about rising dues and transparency but also about our association’s infrastructure and financial security.  None of this is easy.  It requires working together, experience, compassion and collaboration.  I believe I can bring all of that to the board table and see that vision to fruition. 




 Alma Hromic Deckert (pen name, Alma Alexander) was born in Yugoslavia and lived in Africa, Europe, and New Zealand. She earned a Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Cape Town.

Alma is the author of eighteen books, many short stories, creative non-fiction, journalism and literary critique. (More at www.almaalexander.org.)

She won the 2000 BBC Short Story Contest with “The Painting” was a finalist for the WA State Book Award, and a nominee for the Endeavour Award, Mythopoeic Award, Tiptree Award, and the Pushcart Prize.

She has lived in Sudden Valley since February 2003, with her husband and two cats, Blackjack and Laptop.


My name is Alma Deckert and I am running for the SV Board of Directors.

I want to help seek solutions to the problems that the people in this community see as needing to be addressed. I won’t dismiss the needs of the many to pursue the often expensive wants of the few. I will work to simplify, and streamline this community and recognize it for what it is, not for what it once was or what some desperately wish it could be. Being on the Board is becoming an increasingly privileged position, what with the Board requiring an investment of personal application and pure availability of necessary time to pursue such an activity – which means that certain demographics in SV are simply not represented, and their concerns are not listened to. Their voice needs to be heard on the Board – the voice of the people who do not live in the resort that some would have this community be.

Sudden Valley is our home. There are enough fractious ructions in the outside world – health insurance, your job, your kids, your bills, how the planet is doing – but you should be able to come home, look out into the trees, smile at the passing deer and know that at least some things are right with the world.

But that peace of mind moment can come only when you know our Home Owners Association is being run honorably and openly, is accessible, listens to you when you speak out or vote on something.

I pledge that if you ask my opinions on any SV subject, I will give them to you along with my reasons of why I believe that. If I am elected, you can be sure my position on issues won’t suddenly change. Neither will my allegiances. I am standing for the Board on behalf of we, the people – and the people of Sudden Valley, the most important asset of this community which is never put ahead of buildings or “facilities”, deserve to come first.

As a writer, one of the most compelling questions when building a story is a simple “what if…?” And I’m asking you now. What if you had a BOD which you could trust with your Valley, with your money, with your lives? What if…?

It can be done.

Give me a chance to try.