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Attention: Traffic Modifications – Morning Glory and Polo Park Drive


Morning Glory Dr (from Polo Park Dr.  just past Horseshoe Cir.)


Weekdays  8:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.

Starting the week of 8/14 thru the week of 8/21


The segment of Morning Glory Dr from Polo Park Dr to just past Horseshoe Cir will experience full closure to thru traffic. Access will still be granted to residents, services, and emergency vehicles that require it. All other parties please use alternate routes. Expect to see crews on site before listed dates but without any traffic impact.

*Dates are subject to change as weather and circumstances change.

2017 Roads Maintenance Schedule

2017 Roads Work Starts August 8th

The Finance Committee and Board of Directors unanimously voted to authorize an allocation not to exceed $464,345 from the Roads Capital account to fund the 2017 Roads Work.  Three contractors (Granite Construction, Colacurcio Brothers and Faber Construction) all submitted fully compliant bids against our requirements with Granite Construction’s bid evaluated as both best value and lowest bid.  Granite Construction is a well-respected company with substantial experience on similar projects. They have been in business since 1922 and have a significant local presence in Whatcom County which includes a materials plant. Granite Construction was awarded the bid and is now gearing up to start work.  Work is expected to start August 14th and complete by September 8th. 

Please check the Announcement Section of our site for on-going information and click here for further details about the scope of the project: 

Why the PM Beach is Closed Friday Night & Saturday

Thank you for your inquiry regarding AM/PM beach closure for a wedding party this coming Saturday.

I feel I need to fully expand on why we are renting the area as this was only tangentially discussed earlier this year by the BOD and is a unique situation. A member of the Community had rented the Dance Barn for her wedding last year; in fact it was booked a year in advance. We had to inform them March 23rd, 2017 that their venue would be restricted by the no-alcohol ban from the County due to lack of facility fire sprinklers. The Fire Marshal at that time had only allowed the four Jazz Concerts the equivalency of fire watch staff and additional controls which did not include this wedding venue. Once informed, a very distraught bride accompanied by her family, came to the office in great distress to seek help in solving the location as time and venue had collided; she had no alternative location on short notice with summer wedding venues being at a premium, and was completely devastated. Finding a venue on such short notice had become a family disaster. We bent over backwards to fix this problem.

As a consolation, we offered the AM/PM Shelter and beach area, which they accepted. As with most weddings, they have a rehearsal dinner on Friday and it will be at the Shelter. Wedding venue set up and break down time, which included setting up a tent and support equipment starts Friday night and will be completed on Sunday. We have given the family permission to camp in the park over night (Friday and Saturday) as they are responsible for the equipment in its location; given we have encountered vandalism in the park, this is prudent. The family has also hired their own security guard from Pacific Security.

The wedding party has approx. 120 guests, and will be using AM/PM, lower golf, and the Rec Center parking lot for guest parking and shuttling. We do not have the beaches listed in the fee schedule, and as a rule, they should not be rented. In this case we are renting a large area which will include the PM beach as they are set up along and outside of the shelter.

In discussion with the family today they have agreed they will not have rental control over the AM beach, and several (3) slots at the parking area will be open for members. They have also agreed to fund a second security officer so they will have one all day long to help with managing guests and community members who may be unaware of the beach closure and arrive to find an unexpected situation.

Please note that this is not a situation we anticipated encountering. We will not be undertaking renting of the beach areas in the future. We are simply trying to help make the best of a bad situation for a member of our community on her wedding day. I hope this information helps with the concerns community members have expressed.

Mitch Waterman
SVCA General Manager

Modification to AM/PM Beach Use for Saturday 8/5/17 – New Info

Updated – 8/4/17

PM Beach and Picnic Shelter have been reserved for a private function Friday 8/4/17 from 3:00 p.m. thorough Sunday morning, 8/6/17.  There is no access to these areas during this time. 

However, AM Beach is open to foot traffic all day and has limited parking until 1p.m., with no parking after 1p.m.

We’ve  created an alternative recreation spot with access to the Lake  which is  indicated in the photo below with a red star.  Unfortunately, there is no parking at this location.  It is suggested that members park in the Lower Golf lot and walk over to use this area.  We hope this provides you with an additional option to help, “Beat the Heat,” this weekend.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, 7.27.17

There will be a Board of Directors meeting this Thursday. The meeting will begin with a Closed Session at 6:00 p.m. Open Session is to begin at approximately 7:00 p.m. 

Due to the length of the agenda for Thursday, an additional meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 1st at 7:30 p.m. with a possible Closed Session. An agenda will be created and posted Friday for this meeting. 

CERT Basic Training Course Being Offered in Sudden Valley

If you are interested in being a trained responder in an emergency the following training is being offered.

CERT Basic Training Course being offered in Sudden Valley, here are the Dates, times, location and cost:
Dates:  September 5th through October 24th (these dates are on a Tuesday)
Times:  06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Location:  South Whatcom Fire Authority, Station 22
2050 Lake Whatcom Blvd., Bellingham WA

Google Map Link:

If you are interested in taking the course please contact or  The class is limited to 18 students, and there is a $50 class fee.

For more information about Whatcom County CERT please visit the Whatcom Count web page at: