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Living with Wildlife – Raccoons

Racoons in Sudden Valley are very common and do frequent Sudden Valley residents homes (especially if there is food available). We lose sight of the fact that racoons are wild animals and being wild animals they tend to carry certain diseases that can be very harmful to your pets and to humans. A major disease that racoons can carry is Canine Distemper, which has recently been identified in an animal here in Sudden Valley.

Public Health Concerns (canine distemper information provided Department of Fish and Game )

A disease that contributes significantly to raccoon mortality is canine distemper. Canine distemper is also a common disease fatal to domestic dogs, foxes, coyotes, mink, otters, weasels, and skunks. It is caused by a virus and is spread most often when animals come in contact with the bodily secretions of animals infected with the disease. Gloves, cages, and other objects that have come in contact with infected animals can also contain the virus. The best prevention against canine distemper is to have your dogs vaccinated and kept away from raccoons.

If a person is bitten or scratched by a raccoon, immediately scrub the wound with soap and water. Flush the wound liberally with tap water. In other parts of the United States raccoons can carry rabies. Contact your physician and the local health department immediately. If your pet is bitten, follow the same cleansing procedure and contact your veterinarian.

Raccoons and domestic pets are at risk for contracting distemper when there has been feeding of wildlife. This encourages them to congregate in one area, spreading diseases that they would not naturally spread at such a fast rate. This also provides a chance for debilitated animal to gain access to easy food and continue to shed different diseases. We see this all too often when well-meaning members of the public feed any wildlife. The advice that we give is to never leave out food for wildlife, and if people feed their pets outdoors, to ensure that all food and water is taken away prior to the evening.

If someone should see a sick wild animal, including a raccoon, they should call the wildlife center at (360) 966 – 8845 for further guidance. They also should have all of their pets vaccinated.

A reminder, it is against Sudden Valley Rules and Regulations to feed the wildlife and as you see from the information provided there can be serious consequences if bitten by a racoon to a pet and a person, so be safe observe the from safe distance and remember they are not outdoor pets they are wild animals.

Association is Seeking Volunteers to Help Create New Administrative Files

The existing Architectural Control Committee files exist in multiple places in different configurations which is grossly inefficient and a waste of time and resources when working to help members and the ACC evaluate requests and make informed decisions.

The Association has decided to consolidate all of these into one new central file system.  This will require creating new folders for each address, labeling the files, culling through multiple existing files, locating address specific files and then transferring those paper reports into the new folders keeping them in chronological order.

The new files will be maintained by street address and also by Division/ Lot number.  

Bruce Sterling ( former Chair of the ACC has agreed to coordinate and lead this undertaking.  As the former head of the ACC, is highly knowledgeable about the documentation that will be encountered and understands the significance of centralizing these files, what needs to be kept, and those that may not have value.

Bruce is seeking five volunteers to help achieve this goal.  He believes working three to four hours a couple of days a week over a month’s time should be more then sufficient to accomplish the work in an easy pace and relaxing manner. 

All of the files will be brought into a central location, so volunteers will not be required to travel back and forth collecting and transferring file boxes.  Once the work is complete, the files will be maintained in the ACC Coordinators Office.

This effort will not only help current and all future ACC members and committees, it will benefit all members who request to review their files.  

If interested in participating, please contact Bruce by email or contact Jessica Bazett, ACC Coordinator ( ).

ATTENTION: PSE Repair Friday 3/2/18 at 8:00 AM Effecting Gate 3 Residents

PSE just notified Sudden Valley of a repair action occurring tomorrow  Friday, March 2nd, 2018 that will effect Gate 3 Residents. 

An underground electrical vault was damaged by a vehicle on Sudden Valley Drive within the last 30 days and requires immediate repair. 

Beginning tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM, PSE will assemble in the vicinity of the Gate 3 entrance. at 9:00 AM Flaggers will close one lane of traffic to allow repair crews to enter and repair the below grade electrical vault. PSE estimates some 70 customers will lose electrical power during this work. 

PSE Flaggers will route traffic, signs will be posted, and work will continue during the day until repairs are complete; no estimate of duration has been provided at this time. 

PSE apologized for the short notice and we apologize for any inconvenience.