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Traffic Update Gates 3 and 5

Traffic Update

When?                In the next two weeks (M-F, 8am-4:30pm, through 12/22)

Where?               Entrances of Gates 3 and 5

What?                 Traffic control devices will be placed to demonstrate a grade change from the road to the immediate shoulder.  First, temporary indicators will be used.  Over the course of the next two weeks, we will complete permanent installation of indicators involving a cement pour.  The below is an example of temporary (left) and permanent (right) indicators.  Thank you for following signs and directions from flaggers as we work to complete this project to help preserve our roadways and contribute to driver safety.


Icy Roads and Bad Weather Basics

Ice on the ground!  Go slow, be safe and sound!

Good day to you all in Sudden Valley.  This morning, I saw ice on the ground heading into work and caught some black ice with my tires twice within the last week.  Thought we’d take a moment to share some Bad Weather Basics (where to find info, how we respond to snow/ice events, bus schedule changes, etc.).  Please click here for the SVCA Bad Weather Basics.

Please remember, even though we’re experiencing good weather (knock on wood), it’s below freezing at night and lots of fog settles in our area.  This makes for very icy roads in the morning.  Please include extra time in your commute and remember to allow for longer required distances to break to a stop or slow for a turn.  More useful information is in our Bad Weather Basics.

Facilities Use Update

When?                 12/4/17, from about 7:30pm-9pm

Where?                 Baseball field in recreation corridor (near walking route from Club House to Dance Barn)

What?                  South Whatcom Fire Authority and Airlift NW (an air ambulance company) will practice landing and orienting crews.  There will be approximately 30 emergency response personnel present for the training.  Please respect their established boundaries and keep a very safe distance away.  The small helicopter will land and immediately shutdown, so there will not be ongoing engine noise for the duration.  The engine will sound again as they prepare for liftoff to terminate the training session.  Thank you for your patience as crews train to prepare for inevitable emergency responses in our area.

YMCA Ceasing Operations in Sudden Valley

The Whatcom Family YMCA has notified their Sudden Valley employees that it will cease operations in the Valley on February 1st. Sudden Valley Community Association and the YMCA will work together during the wind down period to ensure a smooth transition and least disruption to members. The YMCA intends to continue ongoing programs until their last day of service on January 31st.

The YMCA and Sudden Valley are working together to formulate a mutually beneficial plan for supporting the 2018 Sudden Valley summer pool operation.  

The SVCA Board of Directors was informed of this action in closed session last night Thursday November 30th.  Plans for pool and recreation services are a high priority for the Board which will begin preparing options at the December Finance Committee Meeting on Wednesday December 6th  in the MPR at 6:30, followed by a Board discussion on Thursday December 14th in the Fire Hall.  Members input is appreciated.

Additional details will be forthcoming as information develops

Traffic Update

When?                 11/29/17 (from 1-3 hours between 8am & 4pm)

Where?                 Near 10 Rocky Ridge

What?                  Contractors will be using large trucks with trusses to move supplies for a new home in the area.  Please, follow instructions of flaggers and posted signs.

We appreciate your patience as crews work to build a new home for a member.

Traffic Update

Where?   High Cliff Ln. and White Mountain Ln.

What?    Tree down across both lanes.  Please use an alternate route to the northern most area of High Cliff Ln. As there are alternate routes open for emergency vehicles, the obstruction will be cleared in the safety of daylight tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience as we work to keep the roads clear.

Thanksgiving Community Food Drive


Thousands of men, women and children struggle with hunger. We are going to provide Thanksgiving meals to Sudden Valley families who may otherwise be unable to do so this holiday. We are accepting both food and monetary donations to ensure as many families as possible have something to be thankful this year.


ALL FOOD donations can be brought to the Sudden Valley Craft Fair from 10 AM to 3 PM on Saturday, November 18th. We are asking for specific items to create full meals and will also accept other non-perishable food items. Please see the “most needed items list”.

You can also take NON-PERISHABLE donations to the following locations:

  • Sudden Valley RE/MAX office from 9 AM to 5 PM Friday, November 17 and from 11 AM to 3 PM Saturday, November 18
  • Sudden Valley Salon from 12 PM to 8 PM Friday, November 17

MONETARY donations can be made in the following ways:

  • Online via GoFundMe at:
  • Bring a check* or cash to the Sudden Valley RE/MAX office through 3 PM Saturday, November 18th (if it’s closed, there’s a mail slot to the left of the front door)
  • Bring your check* or cash to the Sudden Valley Craft Fair from 10 AM to 3 PM on Saturday, November 18th

Your Sudden Valley RE/MAX office will match monetary donations dollar-for-dollar up to $500! *Please make checks out to Sommer Cronck.

10 full Thanksgiving meals
PLUS additional non-perishable items

Frozen Turkeys
Dinner Rolls
Stuffing/Dressing Mix
Canned Cranberry Sauce, Green Beans, Corn
Potatoes or Instant Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes or Yams
Pumpkin or Apple Pies
Milk & Butter

HOW IT WORKS: We will collect all items Saturday. Monetary donations will be used to shop and fill the gaps so we can provide one complete meal per family to take home and prepare on Thanksgiving. Additional non-perishable items collected will be made available to meet additional needs.

FAMILIES IN NEED: If you or someone you know is in need, please contact Sommer Cronck at 360-647-8049 or email so we can ensure enough meals are ready. Pick up will be Sunday, November 19 at the Dance Barn.