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SVCA Snow Response 11/3/17

Hello, folks!  We’ve had our first snow of the year and it’s gorgeous out in the Valley.
Staff from Maintenance, Turf Care and Safety, Security and Compliance were activated at 3am and by 11am had cleared an inch of snow and some 28 downed trees / limbs blocking roadways.

Thank you for not calling in about snow…it really helped keep our lines free to coordinate with members about road blockages – big help!  To learn about how we prioritize and direct our snow removal efforts, please click HERE.

For blocked roadways due to trees/limbs, we prioritize and direct our efforts situationally, but following this general rule of thumb:

  1. Complete blockage (no access)
  2. 2 Lanes Blocked
  3. 1 Lane Blocked

If you see a tree or limb blocking a road, please call Security (360) 319-8200 with the following information:

  • Where is it? (nearest address or cross street)
  • Blocking one lane or both?

We very much appreciate the extra sets of eyes and having some basic information saves us a lot of time, enabling us to respond more quickly and effectively for you.  Thank you for your help this morning – great job all ‘round!

Traffic Announcement

When?                 11/6/17 through 11/8/17, from 8am-4pm

Where?                 Honeycomb Ln (near # 80)

What?                  Roadway will be reduced to one lane of travel.  Please follow signs and instructions from flaggers.  Thank you for your patience while telecommunications equipment is installed for homeowners in the area.

Traffic Updates Due To Snow

What? Trees are down on/across multiple roadways preventing normal traffic flow.

Where? Area of 34 Rocky Ridge, Sudden Valley Drive between North Summit and Holly View Way, Holly View Way and North end of Harbor View (unpassable), 22 Canyon Ct.

SVCA Maintenance crews are working hard to remove obstructions to resume normal traffic flow.  Please plan ahead to use alternate routes where necessary.  Please pay close attention to workers on our roads and use caution going around any work crews.  Snow response was activated at approximately 3am and removal efforts began at approximately 4am.  Thank you for your patience as our crews work to clear our roads by following their assigned snow removal routes.  Please call Security to notify us of downed trees which are blocking the road (360) 319-8200.  Snow removal efforts are by assigned routes and we will clear main roads first.  Please do not call in to notify us of snow on roads as this will cause delay in our response to callers informing us about actual road blockages.  More information will be posted, including snow response route maps, later today.

Of Note:              Most lower areas are clear of snow as of 6am.  Elevations are experiencing approximately one inch since snowfall began a little before 11pm last night.  We will continue to post as we get updates of impassable areas.  Again, thank you for your patience as we work to clear the roads.


Breakfast with Santa Kick Off Meeting

Well the Big Man in the red suit is coming to Sudden Valley again this year and has requested your presence for a very fine breakfast, crafts and pictures ‘Live Event’. He has invited all the kids and adults to join him on this very special occasion. Breakfast with Santa.

We have somethings to do before He arrives and a special meeting has been set up for November the 1st at 6:00pm in the Multi-Purpose room. There we will together work through all the steps to make sure this ‘Live Event’ is a wonderful and memorable event for the children of Sudden Valley.

On the agenda: Working out the details for crafts and pictures along with open discussion on how to make this year’s Breakfast with Santa something very special. 
We will also be collecting toys for Toys for Tots this year as well…
So please save the date and I look forward to seeing you and planning this awesome ‘Live Event’…Breakfast with Santa.

Statement from the President of the Board

A group of neighborhood residents contacted an owner of a lot (Habitat for Humanity) located in their neighborhood and expressed their concerns that the future home would not conform to SVCA minimum standards.  Habitat for Humanity (HFH), who had not begun any submissions to the Architectural Control Committee, were being invited to neighborhood meetings where members questioned their plans.  Multiple emails were sent to the Board of Directors, with cc’s out to members, Association Counsel and staff, Habitat for Humanity management, seeking to obtain assurances any home built by this member would have to conform to SVCA home standards.

In the exchange of emails that followed, the voice of this group representing these concerned neighbors was told repeatedly, in successive emails, all homes built in the Association must comply with the ACC’s application of its current Guidelines, with only limited waivers possible. This is as specified and required by the Restrictive Covenants. Beyond that, the Association is bound by, and will comply with, applicable federal and state housing laws.

Additionally, the voice for these neighbors was told “The ACC must abide by its Guidelines, with some limited ability to grant waivers. The Board must respect the strict limitations on its authority. Neither the ACC nor the Board can, on their own, change the burdens placed on them by the Restrictive Covenants”.

To be clear, the Association has no business discussing who is buying a house, who will live in that house, and interviewing and discussing requirements for that house outside of the ACC process.  Given that HFH has not submitted, nor has the ACC received any specific proposal to date, there is nothing for the Board or Staff to discuss.  The Board and Staff, by our legally vetted Policies and Procedures, cannot get between the ACC and a property owner.  This was also consistently reinforced in writing multiple times, and in public, to the voice of this group.

As to Sudden Valley “gifting” any property, much less this property, that has not ever happened, and will not be done.  HFH did own a lot at the top of gate 5 where the Association is attempting to prevent more construction due to bad roads and cost savings.  They were offered to swap lots, given a complete list of SVCA lots, and asked to pick one; they did, and we split costs on the property transfer.

The Association is doing what it is required to do; to responsibly distance the Corporation from a potentially damaging legal situation by refraining from any hint of illegal behavior, including discrimination. No person was “forced” to disengage from any conversation.

This is an unfortunate set of circumstances that is unseemly for a community of many diversities, and the Board hopes that calm and patience will prevail.