Communications Committee

Updated: 12/10/2015

According to the 2016 Charter of the Communication Committee, it is the committee’s responsibility to:

  • Maintain, develop, and enhance two-way communication tools and methods to be used in Sudden Valley as well as the wider community – the tools
  • Publish information to keep members informed – the message
  • Coordinate with Staff to plan community events, and welcome new members to the Sudden Valley Community – the community
  • Connect to those outside of Sudden Valley – community outreach

The Committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Center in Gate 2.

Committee Members


Eric Trower

 Chair, Communication Committee


Mike D’Angelo 

Board Member, Communication Committee

Sommer Cronck 

Member, Communication Committee

Brian Hardy

Member, Communication Committee

Deb Strong

 Member, Communication Committee

Tish O’Keefe

YMCA Liason

Andrea Harig

 Staff Liaison

David Narsico

Board Member, Communication Committee


Judy White

Member, Communication Committee


Communications Committee Meetings