New Buyer Information

Welcome to Sudden Valley! Whether you have already invested in our Community, or are just doing your research, the below information may come in useful to you!

  1. What are the monthly dues? 

2019 Dues are $127.37 for developed lots, and $118.18 for undeveloped lots.

(The dues include a 60-month (5 year) Special Assessment that was approved April of 2018)

2. How can I pay my dues? 

Dues can be paid in person in the Administrative Office, by mail, or by the preferred method, automatic withdrawal. More information can be found HERE. We cannot accept debit or credit cards for Dues payments. ACH forms for automatic payments can be found HERE

3. What is your Annual Budget?

The 2019 Operations Budget can be found HERE.

4.Where can I see SVCA’s Historical/ Current Internal financial statements?

Historical and Current Internal Financial Statements can be found at the bottom of the page HERE.

5. Where can I see SVCA’s Audited Financial Statements?

Historical and Current Audited Financial Statements can be found at the top of the page HERE.

6. Where can I find the Association’s Reserve Study?

The 2018 Reserve Study can be found HERE

7. What is a Homeowner Transfer fee?

The Homeowner Transfer Fee Policy and Description can be found HERE.

8. How Much will the Transfer Fee Cost?

Information regarding the amount of the Transfer Fees can be found HERE.

9. Where can I find SVCA’s Governing Documents?

All of SVCA’s Governing Documents can be found below:


10. Where can I find answers to Frequently Asked Questions?

         11. What is the Sudden Valley Insurance Certificate of Liability?