Parking Compliance Update

We’re starting our Compliance Focused Tours in January and we will start with a focus in parking.  We all know how difficult it can be to find good parking here, especially in the bad weather.  That’s why our goal is to keep our roads clear of any obstructions and facilitate their use.  Parking in such a way that protrudes into a lane can be dangerous and can cause interruption in essential services.  For example, parking in a cul de sac or narrow road on a Friday can cause an SSC driver to skip pick up of trash for the whole road (they often have to back in or turn their huge trucks in tight spots and won’t attempt to pick up if they think it’s too difficult).  The best place to park is your driveway, steep as it may be.

Why focus on RVs, boats and trailers?  Primarily, these are generally large items that can easily cause visual obstructions for drivers trying to get out of their driveway or coming up for a turn.  Secondarily, these large items are only authorized at our homes if we have ACC-approved screening for them.  Otherwise, they require a 72-hour parking permit from Admin or Security and without one, they should be stored out of sight from the road and adjacent properties.  SVCA offers storage for boats and RVs at the Marina and Area Z Secure Storage Facility.  For assistance with storing these items, please contact Member Services (360) 734-6430.

How will we be cited for parking violations?  Security will issue Parking Warning Slips by placing them on the windshield of the vehicle (they will be left at your front door in case of boats, RVs or trailers).  Security will take pictures showing the placement of the Warning Slip and reason for citation and submit these in their report.  If you’re parked in a manner which causes us to have to tow your vehicle, the Warning Slip will provide the date/time we will tow.  We follow WA state law and allow for a minimum of 24-hrs notification prior to tow unless a vehicle is obstructing a lane/entrance which causes safety issues, then state law allows for its immediate tow.

What do I do if I get a Parking Warning Slip?  The best thing to do is to look at how you’re parked and read the Slip.  The rules are on the back.  So, you should have a good idea of why you were cited.  If you still have questions, the next best thing to do is call Security.  Their number is on the Slip.  Typically, our parking issues are cleared within 24 hours (thank you!).

If I get a Parking Warning Slip, does that mean I’ll be fined?  Almost always, the answer to that is, “No.”  However, if you park an unauthorized item (boat, trailer, RV) or unregistered car and we are unable to reach you or we’re unable to work together to determine a resolution, a fine may be issued.  Additionally, if you park in a way which causes safety issues obligating us to tow your vehicle we will do so at the owner’s expense immediately.  For more information about fines, please review the Fine and Fee Schedule on our website under Resident Resources, Community Docs.  Fines will be issued using our Notice of Violation.  These are generally issued by the Compliance Manager who will try to work with you before issuing a fine.

Helpful Tip:  If you ever have an accident or leave your car where it shouldn’t be, leave a note on the dash where Security can see.  Include the date and time and let us know that you’re going to call a tow truck.