Save the Gym

On January 11th Vanessa Dales and Linda Bradley presented a plan to the Sudden Valley Board to reopen the Health Club after the YMCA leaves the Valley on January 31st. Since the Health Club was built and equipped by community residents ten years ago almost all of the equipment there now will remain after the YMCA leaves. Plans for the Pool operation will be announced separately over the next few months. It should be noted that main pool operation depends on the Health Club for shower usage.

According to YMCA records there are currently 240 year-round members of the Gym, plus an additional 120 summer members that sign up for pool usage. Prior to the YMCA’s management contract, the Association managed and operated both facilities. So there is some historical information to assist the Rec Taskforce and Administrative Staff in projecting the operating costs for both facilities.

The Rec TaskForce has put together an operating plan for the Health Club, based on a March 1st opening date. The services offered will be nearly equivalent to what the YMCA provided. The current hours of operation will be maintained with a front desk staff on duty at all times.

The estimated operating costs for the staffing above, plus a part-time manager, equipment maintenance, janitorial service and utilities for the remaining ten months of 2018 total

$94,000. To meet that target it has been estimated that we must retain 90% of the existing YMCA membership. (NOTE: Most, but not all, Sudden Valley YMCA users reside here.) 

To demonstrate to the Board that this is an achievable goal the Rec TaskForce has established a SVCA GYM PLEDGE FORM that they would like to have all interested Health Club users fill out and return ASAP. This pledge form is a per person form. Any couples using the gym will need to fill out individual pledge forms. Here are the pledge form details and options.

Please Select One Commitment Type One-time Initial Commitment Fee* Participation Fee* # of Months
  Paid in Full $0 $280 10, in full
  Month-to-Month $50 $50 Please indicate #
  10-month agreement $10 $40 per month monthly
One time pledge of:         $ ________________________

There is a full copy of the form printed in this edition of the Views, plus copies will be available in the Lobby of the Gym entrance on the shelves near the entrance and on the fireplace. (NOTE: They will not be available at the Reception Desk, so long as it remains a YMCA facility.) Pledge forms will also be available to be downloaded online from the SVCA web site HERE. Completed forms should be returned by mail or in person to the SV Administration Office where there will be a collection box in the lobby. Downloaded forms can also be returned to the  

If we are able to obtain sufficient pledge commitments the targeted opening date is March 1st. If the gym is not opened because insufficient commitments are received in order to cover the estimated operating costs, this voluntary pre-enrollment commitment will be deemed void. Progress on our efforts will be posted in several locations to keep the membership informed and encourage everyone to pledge support for the Health Club. Once we know that we will be open in 2018 we will begin to reach out to fitness trainers in our area and begin to schedule specialized activities and classes.

With regard to Silver Sneakers for seniors and other health insurance providers that offer Health Club subsidies; we will try and establish arrangements similar to what the YMCA had. But there is no guarantee that any of the insurers will be willing to recognize our facility, so in the near term everyone will have to pay their own way.  We are hopeful that we can provide this service to the seniors in our community.