2017 Annual Fall Fire Wise/ Neighborhood Chipping Work

Starting Monday September 18, 2017, SVCA Maintenance staff will be coming to homes throughout the valley chipping your branches and limbs. This service assists residents’ who have cleaned up their property but were unable to transport larger branches and small limbs to the Area Z Maintenance yard for disposal during Clean Green.

Starting now, residents can request chipping help at their home which will start on September 18th.  Maintenance has added an additional service this year, on a first come first serve basis as long as the supplies last, free delivery of an approximately three yards of wood chips. Delivery is limited to the days chipping occurs in valley locations.

The service will be divided into locations within Sudden Valley with each location having a specific date range when branches will be chipped.

Residents may request chipping service in the three following ways:

  1. Preferred method – send an e-mail to branches@suddenvalley.com requesting branch pick up/ chipping/ chip delivery. The e-mail must include the property owner’s name, email address, the property address and a contact phone number.
  2. In person at the Administrative office – fill out a written request which includes the property owner’s name, email address, the property address and a contact phone number.
  3. Call the Administrative office. Please call (360) 734-6430. Your request will be placed on a list in the priority that the call is received. Please do not call the Maintenance shop.

Staff will send an email providing the dates they will be in your area to chip the branches.

Service Criteria:

  • Branch diameter: Tree limbs from ½ inch up to seven (7) inches in diameter.
  • Branch length: Minimum of 1 foot long
  • Branch pile size/ lot: 10-foot-long by 10-foot-wide by 5 foot high
  • Branch pile must be located next to the hard surface of the road so that the maintenance staff has ready access. We will not be able to work across ditches or access on to private property.

What we cannot chip:

  • Yard waste, ferns leaves, brush, bramble berry vines, etc.
  • Manufactured lumber (2x4s, etc.)

Service Dates:

Location 1:          September 18 & 19

Location 2 & 3:     September 25 & 26

Location 23:         October 2 & 3

Location 50 & 51:  October 9 & 10

Location 10:         October 16 & 17


Refer to the attached Sudden Valley Maintenance Location Map below for area LOCATIONS