2017 Roads Construction Contracting and Bid Process

2017 Roads Construction Contracting and Bid Process

This year’s Roads work was awarded to Granite Construction; who was determined to have provided the best value lowest bid.  Granite, along with other contractors, had prior toured the Valley to obtain situational awareness of the work sites and completed their bid based on a rigid set of project specifications developed by Wilson Engineering.

The open competitive bid process concluded on July 20th when three bids were opened and evaluated. Granite Construction submitted a bid for $346,241.70, Colacurcio Brothers Inc. submitted a bid for $350,690.45, and Faber Construction Corporation submitted their bid at $402,240.91.

The work is nearing completion, a Quality Control punch list detailing work not completed to satisfaction has been developed and handed over to the Construction Manager.  

The overall quality of this work was better than excellent.  I measure that by stating the rework is in the .0003% of work performed.

If you observe where work (road striping, pothole repair, or road repaving) performed is not sufficient, please contact me to have it addressed.  If anyone has any questions regarding this effort, I welcome their discussion and they may contact me at gm@suddenvalley.com

Thank you.

Click HERE to review the Bid Specifications.

Click HERE to review the Bid Proposal – Summary Sheet 

These can also be found under the 2017 Roads Maintenance Link on the main page of the website.