2019 Culvert and Vegetation Control Project

The 2019 Culvert and Vegetation Control (CVC) capital project started this week and will continue through September 2019. The CVC crew will work on Sudden Valley’s road sides from Monday through Thursday. The initial phase will be brush out the road right of way and trim over hanging tree branches on the steep road grades in Gate 3 and move on to other roads shown in red in the below map.

Maintenance will provide daily updates to on the progress so that residents will know where the planned work will occur allowing vehicle traffic to select alternative routes past the work sites, if desired. Short delays of 2 minutes may be experience while safety cones are put in place or traffic control is initiated to allow for one-way traffic though the work zones.

Your Maintenance asks that care be taken when driving in the work zones. The work zones are noisy and the crew must deal with blind spots around the operating equipment. Our safety is the hands of the vehicle drivers.

If you have a question about this project, please contact our Maintenance Manager, Bruce Bishop ay (360) 724-8000.