It is about time!

Just a reminder that next week Sudden Valley Maintenance Department crew will be conducting the 2019 Fire Wise program with curb side service to remove branches from residential locations and tree debris from our road sides. We look forward to providing you the opportunity to reduce the chance of a forest fire in our beautiful community. 

In case you have a question about the program, we have included the criteria for removing the branches and trees. If you are requesting wood chips delivered, don’t forget to have the area identified so that the driver knows where to leave the wood chips.

Stack piles of trimmed branches and woody fuels perpendicular to the street, in a neat pile, no more than 5 feet high by 10 feet wide, with largest diameter ends toward the road. Please do not randomly toss branches or make tangled stacks; it creates more work for the chipping crew and slows the process. Larger piles may not be picked up.

Ben, Joel, Keven, Brian, Mark and Bruce