A Sign of Good Things to Come

Within the next few weeks, you will see some changes at the entrances to Gates 1, 3, 5, 9, and 13. A collaborative effort between Sudden Valley Homeowners and Staff has culminated in new Gate Entrance Signs! These new signs will visually enhance the entrances, while striving to preserve a similar look and structure to the historic ones currently in place. The Gate 2 sign will be updated during the next phase but, in the meantime, will receive a new coat of paint. This is a significant improvement as the gate entrances give visitors their first impression of each one of our beautiful neighborhoods.

Community volunteers have worked closely with General Manager Joe Acla and the Maintenance Department throughout the entire process. The donation of both the design and installation of our new signs by our neighbors have kept expenses low while adding valued improvements to Sudden Valley. It’s a small step forward, but we hope that this change will bring a renewed sense of community pride to all those who enter.