ACC Message Regarding Hazardous Trees

Hazardous Trees

Because of recent wind storms and the possibility of more to come this winter, please be aware of the Sudden Valley HAZARDOUS Tree Procedure.  All of the information required concerning vegetation and tree limbing and removal can be found in the ACC Policies on the Sudden Valley Website at

14.10.5    Emergency Hazardous Tree Removal (Approved 5/15/14)
The Whatcom County Planning Department defines a hazard tree as “any tree that is susceptible to immediate fall due to its condition (damaged, diseased, or dead) or other factors, and which because of its location is at risk of damaging permanent physical improvements to property or causing personal injury.” (Whatcom County, Planning Department, (2009) Section 23.110.080)
If a property owner’s tree begins to fail due to severe weather or other natural disasters and a fall is imminent, it can be removed on an emergency basis if the stump is left in the ground and photographs and a description of the circumstances are submitted to the ACC as soon as possible.

Be Safe and Happy Holidays,

ACC Committee