ACC Vacancy

The SVCA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) currently has three vacancies on the 2021 committee. Members interested in serving should CLICK HERE to fill out the volunteer form or contact Keith McLean, ACC   Chair at if you have questions. Paper application forms can be found in the pamphlet file at the Administration  Office.

Architectural Control Committee Candidate Duties and Qualifications

Candidates shall be SVCA Members in Good Standing and possess familiarity with SVCA Governing Documents:

Candidates with experience in construction, plumbing, electrical, forestry, hydrology and arbor disciplines are highly desirable.

Candidates for positions on the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) should be prepared to spend approximately 20 hours per month in the conduct of their duties, which include, but are   not limited to, the following:

Attending bi-monthly ACC meetings

Conducting bi-monthly on-site evaluations of homes and property for construction, renovation and landscaping requests.

Conducting bi-monthly on-site evaluation of tree removal and replacement requests. Conducting new construction planning activities.

Coordination with ACC Administration; General Manager; SVCA membership. Developing policies and procedures.

Coordination with County Planning and PNW Engineering in dealing with SVCA ACC issues.

Develop a working knowledge of SVCA Rules and Regulations; Covenants and Restrictions; ACC Policies. Become familiar with County Planning and Watershed requirements.