Additional Security Patrols: Package Theft Prevention!

A news service recently reported that ”these days, if it isn’t on Amazon, it doesn’t exist. But, if a package is delivered to your doorstep while you’re not home, it’s in prime condition to be stolen.”  Being an HOA does not make us immune to the seasonal behavior of people driving around watching for easy targets.   These porch pirates are known to tail delivery trucks and snatch packages as soon as the driver is out of sight.

Effective Wednesday (12/16), we are adding an additional patrolling Security Officer on day and swing shift with the primary duty of monitoring our community for package thieves.   Commercial delivery vehicles will be monitored while touring through the community delivering packages. Security will watch for trailing vehicles and photographing those vehicles, including time stamp and location.  We will be coordinating with our neighborhood Sherriff’s Deputy reporting all suspicious vehicles and monitor for any vehicles of concern identified.   This additional Security Patrol will continue through the balance of December.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Norm Smith and