Alternate Garbage and Recycle Collections

With our past two recycle collection days impacted from snow SVCA members are experiencing a larger than normal garbage and recycle accumulation. Weather reports are currently projecting more snow later this week which will further complicate our waste stream collections.

SVCA Administration has been working closely with our service provider, SSC, to address and resolve the backlog.

1) SSC spent part of today, Monday (which is a holiday to their company) collecting recycle from Gates 3 and 5, and portions of Gate 2. They worked until slightly after dark collecting what they could.

2) SSC staged four (4) large roll-offs inside Area Z today. SVCA members can bring their garbage and recycle to Area Z; SSC is doing this at no-cost. The roll-offs at Area Z are labeled for “Garbage,” “Glass/Plastic/ Cans,” and “Paper/ Cardboard.”

Maintenance staff will keep Area Z open extended hours Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. enabling commuting members additional time to bring their trash and recycles to Area Z.

Please be mindful, if trash gets mixed into the recycle roll-offs, the entire roll-off will be routed to landfill; no recycle.

An additional SVCA maintenance person will be stationed at the roll-offs to assist members with correct containers and help if required.

Please contact Administration (734-6430) if you need additional time to get your materials to Area Z beyond Wednesday 7 p.m.

We understand this catch-up plan places additional work on the members, and we regret the inconvenience. SSC’s customers throughout the county have been impacted too; we have an Area Z option which most do not.