AM/PM Shelter Vandalized

$500.00 Reward for the Identification Leading to Arrest

On Sunday, May 1st at about 6:30 PM a group of young people (10) vandalized the Sudden Valley Community Association’s AM/ PM Shelter. A group of young men went out of their way to damage the brick fireplace by forcibly removing the locked steel grate on the front of the fire place. The forced removal of the locked grate cracked the concrete blocks of the fireplace which will require repair by a contractor. The event was captured on video which clearly shows the 10 young people and their dogs.
The Reward money was donated by members of the community.
The grate was recovered for fingerprints, as was their garbage for review of any identifying receipts or papers.
Please REVIEW THE VIDEO HERE and call Norm at 734-8437 or email him at