An open letter to all SVCA Residents:

This letter is to take responsibility for, and sincerely apologize for, a letter our real estate firm mailed to 136 Sudden Valley homes on the week of December 3, 2018. 

In the letter, our agent wrote incorrect information about the upcoming SVCA dues increase. The information was taken from a briefing our office had received, but we had not taken the time to fact-check it or do further research to make sure it was accurate. That was irresponsible on our part. 

Also, the tone of the letter was, to some, that of a scare tactic. As it was written, it was slanted, and mailed without review by the Broker.  It was unfairly over-sensationalized and again, contained an incorrect statement of the actual dues increases. 

Within one hour of learning of the inaccuracy and also the negative effect the letter had on its recipients, our firm began drafting an apology and corrected statement of the dues increase that will be mailed, today, to every one of the 136 homes that received the first letter. 

I am personally a property owner in Sudden Valley since 2003.  I would never support anything that brings harm or misinformation to anyone about, or within, Sudden Valley, and I believe those who know me would vouch for that. 

Please accept my sincere apology on behalf of our real estate firm.

Brandon Nelson Partners