Registration will be managed by the YMCA, please follow this link for signups for swimming lessons through the YMCA.

We are very pleased to announce that SVCA finalized an agreement with the Whatcom Family YMCA for the provision of swim lessons at Sudden Valley during the 2023 season. Both members and non-members of the Association will be allowed to register for lessons, non-member students will need to purchase a monthly pool pass from SVCA for the swimming lesson session they attend.

There will be two sessions:

Session 1 starts July 10th and ends August 2nd.

Session 2 starts August 7th and ends August 30th.

Each session will include eight 30-minute lessons and students will be placed into classes based on their level of ability.

Lessons will take place on Mondays and Wednesday between 9:30am – 12:00pm

During this time, three lap lanes will remain open for the use of Association members and pass-holding non-members.

SVCA Announces Retirement of Golf Director

The SVCA Board of Directors has received notice from Brian Kruhlak, Golf Director for the past thirteen years, that he will not seek to renew his contract at the end of this year. Brian let us know that he has decided to retire from golf course management to focus on the development of a personal business.

There is a strong leadership team in place at the Sudden Valley Golf Course. Head Pro Kevin LeDuc has worked alongside Brian for the past four years to manage day-to-day operations and Greg Wadden, Turf Care Superintendent, has made significant improvements to the condition of the course in his first year at SVCA. We are confident that this team will maintain successful operations as we consider options for ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of this important Association asset.

Firewise Roadside Pickup of Chippable Material

Residents can take advantage of this program by having their tree branches placed in an accessible pile next to the roadway prior to the scheduled pickup date for their area

Place tree limbs on the roadside according to your gate number.

April 24th      Gate 5 –

May 1st         Gate 3 –

May 8th         Gate 9 & 13 –

May 15th        Gate 1 –

May 22nd         Gate 2 –