Association is Seeking Volunteers to Help Create New Administrative Files

The existing Architectural Control Committee files exist in multiple places in different configurations which is grossly inefficient and a waste of time and resources when working to help members and the ACC evaluate requests and make informed decisions.

The Association has decided to consolidate all of these into one new central file system.  This will require creating new folders for each address, labeling the files, culling through multiple existing files, locating address specific files and then transferring those paper reports into the new folders keeping them in chronological order.

The new files will be maintained by street address and also by Division/ Lot number.

Bruce Sterling ( former Chair of the ACC has agreed to coordinate and lead this undertaking.  As the former head of the ACC, is highly knowledgeable about the documentation that will be encountered and understands the significance of centralizing these files, what needs to be kept, and those that may not have value.

Bruce is seeking five volunteers to help achieve this goal.  He believes working three to four hours a couple of days a week over a month’s time should be more then sufficient to accomplish the work in an easy pace and relaxing manner.

All of the files will be brought into a central location, so volunteers will not be required to travel back and forth collecting and transferring file boxes.  Once the work is complete, the files will be maintained in the ACC Coordinators Office.

This effort will not only help current and all future ACC members and committees, it will benefit all members who request to review their files.

If interested in participating, please contact Bruce by email or contact Jessica Bazett, ACC Coordinator ( ).

Thank you.