ATTENTION: Trash and Recycling Pick-Up

Trash Collection Service in the Valley


Our trash/ recycling service provider, SSC, has been unable to access a significant amount of our roads this past week due to road conditions.  An attempt to pick up trash today was also not successful for the same reasons.    Their next regularly scheduled day is this Friday.  SSC Management has assured us they will collect, road conditions allowing, this Friday and will accept 2X loads of trash without any billing.  This also includes people scheduled for every other week pickup.  The next regularly scheduled recycle pickup is Friday December 23rd.  They suggest bringing your recycle back to your home as they cannot promise a pick up prior however they may try.


Sudden Valley Maintenance staff are preparing an extensive sanding/ salting plan for the back part of this week, on as many roads as possible, to support SSC collections for all members.  Please give our trucks wide berth as they will be working additional hours to support this effort.