Sudden Valley did receive a bid to demolish Barn 7, the Library Barn, for $25,000. The owner of one company has said that it might be possible for him to deconstruct the building for that amount. But he has not presented an all-inclusive bid, and the bid packet has not yet been sent out to contractors. The job description will include, but not be limited to, the following:
• Obtain and pull all completed permits required to demolish Barn 7
• Provide insurance
• Demolish the structure
• Dispose of all materials leaving the site clear and safe
• Deactivate and/or re-route utilities, stub out for future use
• Provide all tools, means, and equipment to achieve the scope of work
The Managing Director and I have spoken to the owner of this company about the project and he told us that his estimate did not include structural Engineering or retrofit of the low barn wall, insurance, disposal, permits, utility separation or removal of the Fire Alarm and recertification of the existing Barn 8 alarm, nor safety permits or disposal of non-recyclable materials. He said that he expected that Sudden Valley’s contractor would need to take care of these items. He would remove and sell only those items that had resale value. The rest would be left behind, which would most likely include all of the beetle infested lumber and other damaged and unsellable materials. I did tell him that we would send him the bid packet when it is ready so he could bid on an even foot with all of the other contractors.