Bosa Nova Salute at Sudden Valley Dance Barn – Saturday April 27th at 3:00 PM


Drummer, Jeff Busch, now lives in Seattle, but has deep Bellingham roots. Interested in rhythms that originated outside the U.S., he has revisited his hometown with groups playing African and Latin American music that feature many artists from foreign lands who now call Seattle home. Jeff will be bringing up two fabulous musicians originally from Latin America as part of a salute to the unique Brazilian contribution to the world of jazz, the Bossa Nova.
The first Brazilian is Marco de Carvalho who will providing both the guitar and vocal contributions to the Bossa Nova Quartet Marco is a Brazilian musician, originally from Rio de Janeiro. He graduated from the prestigious Music Conservatory of Rio de Janeiro under Juarez Carvalho and Sergio Vale. He studied composition and harmony under Luiz Eça and Ronaldo Miranda. Marco has been a performance guitarist, composer and arranger for thirty years. He plays an extensive repertoire of music from Rio de Janeiro as well as his own compositions. Marco has played with many musicians in Brazil and the USA. He has recorded on numerous CDs and sound tracks also producing and arranging.
The pianist is Julio Jauregui who was born in Louisiana and grew up in Mexico City.
In 1990, Julio moved to Eugene, Oregon. In Eugene, he attended Lane Community College for two years where he received best theory student of the year award. He later enrolled at the University of Oregon to finish his music degree. He studied jazz piano with Gary Versace and jazz improvisation with saxophone player Steve Owen.

Bassist Jeff Johnson will be appearing with the group as well.

Since bossa nova music was created for dancing as well as listening, we’ll be keeping a large portion of the dance floor available for those who would like to express their enthusiasm vertically.

Concert is on Saturday, April 27th from 3-5pm at the Dance Barn in Sudden Valley (Gate 2), 8 Barnview Court. Tickets are in aid of the South Whatcom Library and cost $20 with a special student discount prices of $10. Tickets are available at Village Books, the Sudden Valley Office or on-line at For more information or special requests, call Mr. K.C. Sulkin at 360-670-1709.