Community Update on Hunting and Harming Wildlife

Good day, Sudden Valley.  There have been some concerns expressed about hunting and harming wildlife, so we thought we’d clear the air of any confusion.  We have declared our community a wildlife sanctuary.

In the Sudden Valley Community Association, we do not allow for the hunting or trapping of animals – not on common or privately-owned property – except  by  proper  authorities  working  within an approved control  program. SVCA does not currently have any approved control programs..

Persons interested in hunting on SVCA property who may not be familiar with our governing documents can refer to hunting maps from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, where it’s clear that our property is not included as permissible hunting grounds, for example:|11483.

If you see an injured animal, please call the Wildlife Center at (360) 966-8845.  Note that animals may have been hunted elsewhere and wondered onto our property with visible injuries.  Learn more about wildlife rehabilitation here.

We’re happy to have a discussion about these items and concerned members can contact our Compliance Manager at (360) 746-8437.

If you see a person with a weapon, please report it to Security.  Please don’t engage the person.  If you hear shots fired of any sort, please call 911 and then call Security at (360) 319-8200.  Please note as many details as possible about the person(s) as this will help with enforcement.