Construction Work on Harbor View Drive

Potelco’s completion date for their underground cable line upgrade work on Harbor View Drive between Winter Creek and Plum Lane has been extended. The company pulled their work crew to support wind damage repair work at a different location.  Storm recovery and service outage repairs receive a higher schedule priority then upgrade efforts.  Cable work is projected to re-start on April 18th and complete within 1 week.  Potelco will place sandwich boards on Harbor View Drive noting the new schedule and advise on caution.  This next phase of work involves installed higher quality cabling.

Concerns expressed by members of the community regards the quality of the street repair have been passed along.  The current temporary road patches are “cold” patches which will be replaced by a permanent hot asphalt layer later this spring when the process factories open.  At that time the contractor will also provide us with material to install speed bumps at several locations in the valley.