Cougar Sighting Reported

On Sunday, April 3rd, Security received a notification of a Cougar sighting on Jubilee Lane. Security responded and searched the area, but was unable to confirm the sighting.

As we all know, part of living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is sharing our environment with its original inhabitants. While occurrences are rare, our Wild Life neighbors do occasionally make an appearance. There is useful information available on how to keep yourself and your family safe and out of harm’s way when these visits occur. For more information please click HERE, or visit the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife website for more information.

All potentially threatening animal sightings reported to Sudden Valley Security are investigated and reported to WDFW for further instructions. Report ALL bear and/or Cougar sightings to Security at 360-319-8200 to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to ensure the safety of our Community.