Current Sudden Valley Operations – March 7th, 2019 6:30am


a. Sudden Valley Maintenance crews have been deployed since 4:30 AM, sanding and deicing main roads

b. Sudden Valley roads have a number of areas of slush and ice.

c. Drivers should use caution due to the conditions and be aware of the sand trucks on the roads

Amplifying Information

a. SV road report posted at 3:30 AM today.

b. Bellingham School District buses on snow routes this morning and running on time

c. Road updates to be posted on the Sudden Valley website, 16 10 a.m. BeCon Emergency Information System, or contacting Pacific Security Dispatch at 360.319.8200

Response – Current Operational Period

a. Response assets: deployed, operations to be evaluated by 10 AM to determine future plans

Response – Next Operational Period

a. To be determined

b. Security patrol: monitor conditions through the evening

Response and Logistics Update

a. Fuel status; 85%

b. Sand/Deicer: fully stocked for 72 hour snow event

c. SVCA facilities (Rec Center/Gym) Gym: Normal business hours and opeations

External Notifications

a. SWFA; notified

b. Bellingham School District Transportation; notified

c. Sudden Valley Amateur Radio (updates on 1610AM BeCon Emergency Info system): notified

d. Community Outlet (SVCA web page): posting to be determined after road conditions are evaluated

This report to be updated 03/07/19 as needed

This our current status for further information please contact norm@suddenvalley.