Damaged Mailbox Cluster on Lake Louise Drive

Damaged Mailbox Cluster at Site 9 – Lake Louise Drive
Site 9 Mailbox Cluster adjacent to Lakeridge Condos

Due to a traffic accident at the Site 9 Cluster Mailboxes (Gate 2, Lake Louise Drive, adjacent to the Lakeridge Condos) last night, several of the mailboxes were damaged. The damaged mailboxes were taken to the old sand barn (Barn 6) for accountability. If the residents who receive their mail at this location (in one of the boxes which were damaged and removed) need to retrieve the contents, please send an email to norm@suddenvalley.com so arrangements can be made to schedule a time Security personnel can meet you to retrieve your property.

Per Post Office policy, when mail or packages cannot be delivered in Sudden Valley, residents can pick up their mail at the Mount Baker main office, where it will continue to be held until the damaged mailboxes are replaced.