Deadline Reminder for AGM Candidates

This is a reminder to the community that the AGM Application deadline is Tuesday, September 7th at 4:00 PM for anyone wishing to submit a candidate application for either the Board of Directors, the Nominations & Elections Committee (N&E), or the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

The current closing time for the Admin Office Window is 4:00 PM so you will need to submit your application before closing if you wait until the last day. N&E committee members will be present if residents have any last minute questions. Applications are available online and paper copies are available at the Admin Window. You can always email questions to the N&E Chair, Linda Bradley, at

There will be a Candidate Drawing Meeting for N&E scheduled for 4:30 PM on the 7th where the applications will be opened, vetted, and the names will be placed in a drawing for their positions on the AGM ballot.