Development of the 2016 Budget

The 2015 budget was based on a Board estimate of what it would take to accountably manage Sudden Valley, to support our roads and culverts, to do repair and replacement of our capital assets, and to completely perform preventive maintenance.  It was funded by current dues and supplemented by the UDR.
  • The proposed 2016 budget was developed based on the 2015 experience of what it takes to maintain our infrastructure without further deterioration while utilizing our capital funds to refurbish and rebuild major assets, roads and culverts.
  • None of the 2016 dues are intended to repay prior years’ funding, but to fund next year’s capital, roads, and operations. There is no shortfall to cover and no increase in Capital funds.
The 2016 budget is a bottoms up budget put together with input from all department managers. The vision for the 2016 Operations budget was provided to staff by the BOD and Finance Committee and has a net income of zero (no gain or loss). It is designed to properly fund our community.
The 2016 budget has been modeled on this year’s successes which include competitively managed contracts which have delivered on every project. This Board stands on its demonstrated success in 2015 and takes no responsibility for actions of past Boards.
If you have further questions, contact the Treasurer, the Finance Committee or attend a meeting.