Did you forget to sign your ballot envelope?

If you forgot to sign your ballot envelope, UniLect has a surprise for you!

UniLect has started mailing duplicate ballots to members who cast their ballot without signing the envelope. An unsigned envelope is not valid and its ballot will not be counted.

There will be a short note in the duplicate ballot packet explaining that you are being sent a duplicate because your first envelope was not signed. If it is not possible to mail your duplicate ballot by the October 25th deadline, please drop your signed duplicate ballot into the Sudden Valley Ballot Box located in the lobby of the Clubhouse at 4 Clubhouse Circle. The ballot drop box will be available until Friday, November 4, at 4:30 pm. All members casting unsigned ballots, by either USPS or the Sudden Valley Ballot Drop Box, will be sent duplicates if time allows.

Questions? Email us at Office@SuddenValley.com.