Winter ice weather has taxed the supply chain that provides ice melt, snow chains and other materials people utilize to deal with winter weather.  At present ice melt products are nearly sold out on the West Coast with resupply being trucked in from Salt lake City and parts of Colorado. Effective today, we began restricting the sale of ice melt to one bag per person, and may stop sales on Monday if we are not resupplied.  We regret this decision, however necessity to maintain the Association’s roads has the higher priority.

As previously shared, Maintenance sprays a combination of road sand and salt on our roads for ice prevention and traction.  Our road dirt (same material as WSDOT) is known as ¼ to dust dirt contains fines (very small rocks) and clay.   The dirt stored in Barn 6 (currently 200 yards) has become wet, and wet clay sand does not spread.  Fortunately, we have a different variety of sand called top dressing, used on the Golf Course to maintain the turf.  That sand is washed, without clay and as we discovered today, spreads quite nicely combined with our salt.  Maintenance will be utilizing the top dressing sand as required for road maintenance in the coming weeks to provide road traction combined with ice melt for road maintenance.  The sand is not as good a material, but does provide adequate traction.  At the next resupply, Maintenance will be buying sand for Golf to replace their stocks.

We advise the membership to ensure they have essential materials at home and drive slowly.