Dues Collection Rate at 90%!

Our collection rate for dues is at 90% as of September 30th, a 3% increase in just the last three months.  This means that we are collecting $6,450 more per month in combined Operational, CRRRF, and Roads dues, or $77,415 annualized, than in the previous quarter at 87%.   This is equates to $3,603 more per month in operations dues and $2,847 per month in capital dues. Even better, this is a 5% increase over 2014!

In 2012 our collections specialist was let go and never replaced.  The position remained unfilled during the term of our management company in 2013 and 2014, and our collections plummeted to 85%.  In the first quarter of 2015, under the new self-managed structure, the position was filled and collections procedures were re-implemented bringing us from 85% to 90% collections rate in nine months.

Robyn Scott, our current Collections Specialist, continues to pursue all delinquent accounts, regardless of age.  She has collected over $300k in old debts, and has negotiated payment plans that should collect an additional $80k within the next 12 months.  Based on recent history and the results we are achieving now, I think you will agree Robyn is a valuable asset and is critical to our ongoing success.

Neighbors who do not keep current on dues put an added burden on the rest of us to pick up the slack.  This means some of the competing demands for SVCA funds must be postponed or denied, or additional dues or assessments are needed to fill the gaps.  We want to ensure that everyone pays their fair share.

If you are a homeowner struggling to make your payments, please call Robyn Scott, Collections Specialist, at 360.746.8435.  She can work with you to create a plan to keep you in good standing.