Dues FAQ 2019-2020

Are our dues really going to be $400 a month?

No.  Not this year or anytime in the foreseeable future. This figure came from a table in the draft of our 2020 Budget that state law (RCW 64.90.525) requires us to include. It is based on the Reserve Study which lists all repairs and maintenance recommended for each of the next 30 years. The table lists individual Owners’ indebtedness or deficiencies for each year towards fully funded reserves.

In 2023 we have a large number of items in the study, including a worst case scenario cost for replacing the Dance Barn, a decision we have not yet made. Typically we only address a portion of the items on the Reserve Study each year, deferring many items to future years, and in high-need years we consider loans or other funding strategies to stretch the costs out over a number of years. Therefore these numbers will change each year as we make decisions to complete repairs or replacements and update the Reserve Study accordingly.  Inasmuch as this information is required in every budget proposal, you will see this table with those numbers again in this year’s budget measure.

For more in-depth information, visit https://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/ and use the RCW search function.

Why do we need to raise dues another 13% for 2020?

The Board recently adopted the 2020 Budget which will be the first ballot measure for the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 2, 2019.  The Budget specifics can be found at suddenvalley.com under the button that reads “2020 Draft Budget Resources.”  Some budget items have been altered, but the associated dues increase for 2020 is 13.3% for developed lots, or $16.94, and 14% for undeveloped lots, or $16.49.  Total Dues and Assessments for developed lots will be $144.31 and for undeveloped lots $134.67.  

For Operations, the majority of the increase is in salaries to meet the requirements of the State’s new minimum wage law.  It also allows us to add one much-needed person to the maintenance staff. There is also an increase for the removal of hazardous trees.  The rest of the increase is in capital which will go towards backlog repairs on roads, equipment, and facilities.

What are the calculations used to determine the 2020 dues vs. proposed petition amounts?

Please download the worksheets that show the actual numbers.

How are our dues of $127.37 for this year being spent?

Your 2019 monthly dues is broken down like this: in Operations, $66.62 is spent as per the chart on page 11 of the 2020 Draft Budgets materials on the website. In Capital, $27.79 goes to the Capital Repairs and Replacement Reserve (CRRRF) fund, $32.29 to Roads, and $.67 to mailboxes. For a list of current capital projects, go to the FAQ on Roads and CRRRF capital projects, see below.

For more information from a department-by-department perspective, please review the slides located at the following link: https://suddenvalley.com/your-dues-dollars-at-work/

What projects are being completed in Roads this year?

These are the projects that are being worked on this year:

  • Resurfacing of main roads
  • Southern Court Mitigation – tree removal
  • Rec Corridor Parking Lot patching

Design/permitting for:

  • Windward Dr.Retaining Wall
  • Fairway Lane drainage
  • Windward Dr. drainage
  • Four culverts per 10-year stormwater plan 
  • Barns 7 & Rotunda foundation removal

What projects are being completed under the Capital Repair and Replacement Reserve (CRRRF) fund?

These are the projects that are being worked on this year: 

  • Completion of the Area Z Sprung structure
  • New Cardio Equipment Lease for Health Club
  • Main Pool Heaters 
  • Golf Course Irrigation Repair
  • Replacement of several vehicles including a greens mower, and three maintenance vehicles.
  • Retaining wall rebuild at the Quiet Pool
  • Refurbishment of Gate 5/Tumbling Water Park and the Barns Park and playgrounds

What is the status of the building in Area Z that will house our snowplows?

The work has been completed in Area Z. The new fire hydrant is in and the sprung structure has been erected.  We are now waiting for PSE to bring electricity and heat to the building.  Then the equipment and supplies will be moved from Barn 6 to the new structure in readiness for the winter storms. 

What is the status of the Area Z contamination? 

The Department of Ecology has just issued a letter in which it states it intends to remove this area from the Hazardous Sites List and the Leaking Underground Storage Tank List. You should soon receive notice of  this intention by mail inviting public comments between August 30 and September 30, 2019.  It is hoped that this will be the final step to this very long process and that a “No Further Action” letter and a final Completion Report will be issued soon after.

When will Barn 6 be demolished?

All equipment and supplies being stored there must be removed as well as other items that have been stored there for many years. The schedule for demolition has now been planned for next summer. 

Did the Board lobby for WUCIOA? 

No. They learned about it when the decision was announced last year and were as surprised as everyone else in the community.

Why do we need more staff?

The only addition to staff in the 2020 Budget is one full-time and one part-time person in Maintenance.  A large number of the complaints staff receives from Owners is about some aspect of maintenance that is not being taken care of. This was also mentioned by many at the recent town halls. Our Maintenance Department has a backlog of corrective issues and preventive maintenance issues. The additional staff will be dedicated to reducing that backlog.

Why do we have to subsidize golf? 

Homeowner associations typically pay for all amenities through their dues.  We are fortunate that we have two amenities that bring in a large amount of revenue each year, Golf and the Marina. In good years, Golf brings in enough money to pay some or all of the associated costs. In the recent past, the golf industry has been struggling with reduced interest and an overabundance of courses in the market. In addition, we lost a lot of tournament business when we were without a restaurant for a year several years ago. The current Golf Management team is bringing much of that business back — and more. As a result, income has been increasing each year. With the current trend and if the weather holds out, we should be able to greatly reduce our projected deficit for 2019. The most recent anticipated subsidy per owner is about $2 per month.