Fall Maintenance Activities and Priorities

Maintenance is now shifting it’s primary efforts from culverts & ditches to Fall’s 2016 Sudden Valley fire wise program and vegetation control. Specifically, the plan is to cut back low over hanging branches on winter problem roads where Maintenance cannot chip the branches as soon as they are cut (steep, narrow roads). The cut branches will be staged at the nearest location where the wood chipper can operate. During the week, the fire wise crew will clear the pile of trimmed branches after picking up residential fire wise branches.

Maintenance will start in Gate 3, working the roads between Sudden Valley Drive and Harbor View Drive, in the following order:

  • Deer Run
  • Inglewood Place
  • Cascade Lane – Hillside Place – Sigma Circle
  • Green Hill Road
  • Jasper Ridge Lane – Thunder Peak Way – Amberland Way – Sundew Court
  • Maple Court

There may be possible traffic delays (very short) while vegetation control is be conducted on the very narrow roads. The maintenance crew will make every effort to allow traffic to transition pass the work site as quickly as possible.

Other tasks during October will include

  • Closing down summer amenities in preparation for winter.
  • AM/PM restrooms
  • Removing swim floats at the Marina & AM/PM beaches
  • Retrieving extra trash cans set out for summer activities (Marina park, wet slip entrances, AM/PM Beach, etc.)
  • Reducing hours of custodial services at high summer use areas (Marina, Adult Center Swim Pool, YMCA front restrooms, etc.).
  • Mowing at the Marina, AM/PM Beach, Gate entrances, Baseball Park, Recreation Center Park, Adult Center, etc.)
  • Maintenance planning and renovation of Maple Leaf Park’s engineered wood chip safety bedding and inspection/repair of the playground equipment.
  • Preparations for winter weather (wind, heavy rains, ice and snow) response activates.

If you have questions about the above activities you can contact the Maintenance Manager, Bruce Bishop, at (360) 220-8689.