After the past two wind storms, several trees that were on Sudden Valley owned property fell across roads and required moving to the side of the road to open the road to traffic. Rather than pay a contractor to remove the trees Sudden Valley Community Association is offering these trees as fire wood to dues paying residents who live in Sudden Valley. We currently have approximately 4 cords of mixed Douglas Fir and Red Cedar available.

The criteria for gathering the wood is as follows:

  1. The wood is for the use of Sudden Valley residences
  2. When the wood is removed, the road surface must be cleaned of branches, saw dust and other materials.
  3. The wood must be removed within a specific time frame as established at the time permission is granted.
  4. Persons receiving the wood may not
    1. Trespass on to private property.
    2. Block the road or a driveway so as to inhibit traffic.
    3. Create a unsafe work area for other residence.
  5. Persons collecting the downed timber must have in their possession an appropriately signed letter of permission for the specific site that they are working at.
  6. Observe the hours of work established for Sudden Valley noise and disturbances
  7. Must obey direction of Sudden Valley Security regarding removal of the wood.

Residence interested in collecting fallen Sudden Valley timber for fire wood may contact the Sudden Valley Facilities and Site Coordinator at 778-2223.