Flooding in the Dance Barn – YMCA CLOSED

After a long period of dry weather, there were heavy rains in Sudden Valley on Wednesday afternoon, more than an inch in several places. As a result, stormwater ran down the hill in front of the door of the Dance Barn. The water carried with it a great deal of dirt and debris that plugged up the drains. Consequently, it ran into the building and flooded the front carpet area and the kitchen in the Dance Barn. The water then ran down, through the ceiling, into the YMCA area bringing down several ceiling tiles, flooding the exercise area, and running into the utility area.

The YMCA has announced that they will be closed starting Thursday morning and until the cleanup and repairs have been completed. This is expected to take several days. Please watch the Sudden Valley website at www.suddenvalley.com for regular updates.

The Board meeting scheduled for Thursday night in the Dance Barn will be relocated to the South Whatcom Fire Authority Training Room at 2030 Lake Whatcom Boulevard. This information is posted on the website, on the various FB pages, and on the gate signs.

Please contact Norm Smith at 734-6430 if you have any questions. This post will be updated periodically as conditions change.


Barn 2