SSC was able to collect a majority of garbage and recycling last Friday, January 6th, with the exception of some Gate 5 and Gate 3 roadways. 

SSC is cautious on steep roads, SVCA is not the only exception; they lost a truck over an embankment several years ago at gate 3 and have had recent injuries while physically picking up recycle on one of our ice covered roadways. We support their conservative safety posture agreeing garbage or recycling collections are not worth risking the life of a driver, the public or damage to property.

The lack of sunlight (solar radiation) on the roads defeats most attempts at long term ice melt efforts,  hampering SSC’s efforts in safely getting their trucks into some locations.   SSC is asking, and SVCA is supporting, residents leaving their recycle and garbage containers out by the road at this time.  The next regularly scheduled garbage collection is Friday January 13th.   The next regularly scheduled recycling collection is Friday January 20th.

Per SSC, they do not issue missed collection credits due to hazardous road conditions, but will take all extras at no charge when they are able to safely collect your garbage and/or recyclables. Alternatively, SSC has provided SVCA with dumpsters staged  in Area Z at no charge.  Effective 0600 this morning (January 9th), the access road into/ out of Area Z was heavily iced and not safe for common access.  Monitoring the weather crystal ball, SVCA desires to re-open the Area Z Garbage and Recycle Containers, weather dependent, Wednesday January 11th at 8:00 am through 5:00 pm with that schedule in effect balance of the week, also weather dependent.   If a resident needs additional off hours’ time we ask you to call the SVCA office to schedule. 

SSC and SVCA Management are coordinating information and services to provide the membership with the best collections service possible given the weather and road conditions at the present time.  We will post confirmation of Area Z access on our webite and SVCA Facebook page Wednesday morning to inform members.