Gate 2 Compliance Patrols

During the month of December, Sudden Valley Security will be conducting compliance patrols in Gate 2 focusing on the following compliance areas:

  • Boats, Trailers and RV’s that are parked at homes
  • Non-Operational vehicles or currently licensed (expired tags) vehicles parked at homes
  • Illegal parking on Sudden Valley roads that are impacting ditches, culverts etc.
  • Disorderly properties

When a potential compliance issue is observed, Security will make contact with the resident to discuss the concern. If you do receive a visit from an Officer, it will ONLY be between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm. The Security Officer will provide a pre-printed copy of the specific compliance code to the resident as the basis for identifying the concern.  The goal is to come to an agreement of the compliance issue and to provide a path forward for abatement and resolution.

A report of the contact will be provided to the Association’s Safety Compliance Manager, Norm Smith.  Members or residents that have questions are asked to call Norm Smith at 746-8437, ext. 217 to discuss or contact Norm at

Compliance patrols monitoring for the same issues will be conducted in Gate 3 in the month of January.

If the issue still exists after initial notification, the homeowner will be contacted by the Safety Compliance Manager to discuss the non-compliance issue to work a path toward compliance. If the issue still exists after this discussion, the homeowner is subject to fines and citations per the Sudden Valley Rules and Regulations.