Do I need approval to paint or roof my home? What if I am repainting/re-roofing my home with the same colors?

You’ll need to use the Exterior Alteration Request to give the Committee an understanding of the change you wish to make. Include paint chips and/or roofing samples, photos, diagrams, or any applicable information to help your neighbors volunteering on the committee to visualize the improvement you’d like to make.

Repainting or re-roofing, and repairs of all kinds using like-for-like materials do not need ACC approval (as long as the original color or concept was approved at some point).

Pre-approved paint colors (Click Here) will be approved immediately upon receipt of the Exterior Alteration Request. Black and white are considered as pre-approved trim colors.

You’re welcome to request any color you like, but please be aware that colors outside of the approved palette will require consideration and may not be approved.