How do I apply for Tree Limbing or Removal?

Tree Request forms are available at the Administration Office or through the link above. If your request includes removal of an evergreen tree 12-inches in diameter or greater or a deciduous tree 8-inches in diameter or greater, then you must obtain a Whatcom County Tree Removal Permit prior to applying to the ACC.  Applicants must mark all tree with ribbon (no spray paint) before they can be reviewed.

On the form please include a diagram indicating the location and number of trees, and include a detailed description of the proposed work along with a Whatcom County permit, if applicable.  Please also be clear on the type of limbing proposed, whether it involves removal of only dead limbs, removal of the lower limbs, or selectively thinning the upper crown of the tree. Please also note that topping or windowing trees is generally not allowed in Sudden Valley.