Once I’ve filled out a request form for the ACC, how do I turn it in? When will they review it and when do I get an answer?

The ACC typically meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.  To have your request reviewed you will need to submit it at least one week prior to the upcoming meeting. For example, requests must be turned in by 4 PM on Thursday, October 8th to be reviewed at the meeting held on Thursday October 15th. Meetings are being held remotely, click here to get the zoom link.

NOTE:  New construction (single family home or addition) plans must be received at least 15 business days in advance of ACC meetings, by scheduled appointment with ACC/Common Area Coordinator.

To submit your request, you can use the following methods:

  • Drop-off:  SVCA Administration Office, during open hours or through night drop. 
  • Mail:  4 Clubhouse Circle Bellingham, WA 98229.  Please address your requests to SVCA, Architectural Control Committee. 
  • Email 
  • Fax:  (360) 734-1915, please put “Attention: Architectural Control Committee” on the cover page.

Receiving a response from the ACC: All applicants will receive a response letter by mail 7-10 days after the meeting.  The meeting results and minutes will also be posted online 2-3 business days after the ACC meeting. Members are welcome to attend any Committee meeting, contact Administration for assistance.

Past and upcoming meeting information is also available online. Click HERE for the ACC meeting page.