What is the process like when I come for my appointment?

1. When patrons come in to use the pools, they will check in at the front desk to check in for their appointment and pay if needed. A member of staff will check and see if we have reached capacity, and have users fill out the appropriate forms if they have not already.
2. Once users are done at the front desk, they will go to locker rooms and can store things that they do not want to bring out to the pool deck if they so choose.
3. All users MUST take a cleansing shower before exiting the locker rooms to use the pools. Violation of this policy can result in the revocation of a user’s Access Card and/or pool use privileges.
4. Go enjoy the Pool!
5. At the end of a given time slot, lifeguards will inform Pool users that it is time to leave the pools, patrons will then go back into the locker rooms to collect any belongings left there.
6. Patrons will then go back out to the pool deck and leave the pool by exiting through the gate. This gate will be an exit only. This is done to ensure that we have one point of entry and a separate exit so as to not overcrowd the lobby at the beginning and end of time slots.