Ice Melt for Sale to Sudden Valley Residents

One of the main products we use when de-icing our roads is called “Ice Melt.”  This product is environmentally more friendly then road salt.  The Association purchases this material in bulk which gives us a significant discount. Our local supplier’s product cost for a single 50 lb. bag is $14.99 or $16.26 with tax out the door.  Our bulk purchase prices is $9.96 or $10.80 with tax.  The Association has purchased an extra ton (40 – 50 lb. bags) of Ice Melt and had it delivered to Sudden Valley.  We purchased this extra amount to sell to our members at the discounted rate.  If you want to purchase a 50 lb. bag of Ice Melt for carrying in your car, de-icing your driveway or walkways, we have 40 bags to sell to members at $10.80/ 50 lb. bag.  If the demand is bigger, we will order more.

Anticipated delivery of the de-icing materials is Tuesday, January 12th, and more information about how do pick up your order will be forthcoming. Payments can be made in the Administrative office by cash or check. Be safe.