Important Notification – Parking at the Cluster Mailboxes

As SVCA is starting to transition from the frozen snowy conditions we’ve seen to rain tomorrow, SVCA is encouraging the residents who have parked at the cluster mailboxes (this has occurred in all gates with homes in high elevations) to move their vehicles as quickly as is reasonable. This is to notify all individuals parked at the clusters that we will commence to tow vehicles to clear the congestion obstructing the delivery of the US Postal Service.

SVCA fully understands that this was a need based on road conditions and limited snow removal capabilities based on the severity of the storms. However, those road conditions are anticipated to improve greatly during the morning and we need to assist in the ability to resume normal operations.

The ability to clear snow and ice from the cluster boxes is essential, which requires the clearing of vehicles so that the United States Postal Service can deliver the mail.

Now that we are getting away from what continues to be a very difficult situation, it is essential that illegally parked vehicles be moved before they must be towed and impounded.

SVCA does not intend to commence vehicle removal until noon on 2/14/19. If your vehicle is stranded at a cluster mailbox, please contact Security or the Admin office for assistance. We want to help clear the congestion with the least impact to our members who have already been impacted by the storms.

Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.