Improvements to the Sudden Valley Marina

Several improvements are being implemented at the Sudden Valley Marina Harbor for 2019. The improvements are currently underway and all but one will be completed before the Memorial Day weekend.

In addition to the winter Soft Armoring project that ensures that the shoreline will remain stable, several user improvements are taking place:

  1. A Marina office has been established in Restroom building. There are no set hours unless appointments are scheduled ahead of time. The Dock Masters, Rob Gibbs and Bob Wolven, can be reached for assistance between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday. Their contact information is posted on the marina office door.
  2. Boat launch 2, east boat launch will be made available for launching small boats directly into the lake. The launch ramp is shallow, so it is ideal for launching canoes, kayaks, and small open boats up to 14 feet.
  3. Stabilizers are being added to the dock for boat ramp number 1 (Marina Harbor) to reduce the side-to-side tipping when walking on the dock.
  4. A second ADA parking space has been added to the front of the Marina Restroom parking area.
  5. The parking area for residents renting dock space will be graveled as soon as the Lake Whatcom Watershed ground disturbance moratorium is lifted on June 1st.
  6. Traffic will be re-routed to allow easier access to the docks and boat launches. Informational signs will be placed ahead of time on Marina Drive at Marina entrance to prepare for the traffic revisions. Please see map showing the new routing details.