Inclement Weather Response Update

SITREP 19 – Inclement Weather Response (Update on Current Operations for 02/12/19)

a. Washington State of Emergency has been declared by the Governor and by Whatcom County Executive

b. Sudden Valley roads conditions are poor due to major snow accumulations and below freezing temperatures, travel should be avoided till current plowing efforts can make progress, however if driving cannot be avoided use of chains, all-wheel drive vehicles is highly suggested.

c. SV maintenance commenced plowing operations at 4 AM today, per the SVCA snow plan major roads are the primary focus on this current phase of operations, but an evaluation will be undertaken as road conditions improve.

d. Updates on SV roads will be posted as conditions change. Updates to be posted available either on 1610 BECoN emergency information system Sudden Valley web page ( or contact Sudden Valley Security.

e. Security patrol has resumed normal operations.

f. Current weather conditions: snow, winds are calm, temperature 27 degrees. NWS Winter Weather Message is stating it will be canceled by noon today

Response – Current Operational Period

a. Response efforts; plowing per SVCA snow plan

Response – Next Operational Period

a. To be determined later today

Response and Logistics Update

a. Fuel status – 80%

b. Resupply of sand; additional delivery of sand expected today along with granular deicer

c. Security patrol resumed normal operations

d. SVCA facilities (Rec Center/Gym) Gym to open on regular schedule on 02/12/19. Administrative Offices closed

External Notifications 

a. SWFA; notified

b. Bellingham School District Transportation; school canceled for 02/12/19

c. Sudden Valley Amateur Radio (updates on 1610AM BeCon Emergency Info system): notified

d. Community Outlet (SVCA web page): posting to be determined after road conditions are evaluated

Future Plans and Recommendations

a. Continue to monitor weather conditions and roads

b. Update all external notifications om conditions for roads

Amplifying Information

a. Whatcom CERTs requested volunteers to staff rewarming center in Bellingham

b. Forecast indicates snow fall to continue to 02/13/19 at 4 AM

c. SVCA has cascaded information on community assistance during snow event to membership (see hyperlink for details)

This report to be updated by 02/12/19 by 4 PM or as needed

This our current status for further information please contact