Introducing, Rumor Central!

It is inevitable that in a Community the size of ours that rumors, paritial, and mis-information will run rampant – especially surrounding something as impactful as Revitalization. Therefore, the chair of the Communications Committee, along with the Vice-President of the Board and the General Manager have teamed up to initiate a daily collection of Revitalization Rumors that are morphing through the Community in an effort to answer and clarify each one.

We are asking everyone who hears or reads faulty information on Revitalization, open ended questions, or simple requests for knowledge to send them to A daily list will be compiled, and the above mentioned team will prepare factual answers to each statement and will publish this on the SVCA website  under the SV Revitalization Plan the Revitalization Rumor Central FAQ’S. You may also find the link by clicking HERE.

We can’t reach them all, but our goal is to provide transparent and factual communication regarding this important issue, and your help is greatly appreciated!