Lake Whatcom Boulevard Construction

Lake Whatcom Blvd Construction

You may have recently noticed warning signs on Lake Whatcom Blvd regarding new construction near Strawberry Point, not to mention encountering some delays.  What is going on, you might wonder?  Well, it is improvements to our water and sewer infrastructure.

You may recall a similar project undertaken last year on Lake Whatcom Blvd approximately ½ mile south of the current construction site resulting in the update and installation of a water pumping station.  The current Strawberry Point construction is to achieve the same end.

The current pumping station is well below-grade at Whatcom Blvd. and in need of refurbishment with new equipment: pumps, electrical equipment and risers to bring the pump station access to Whatcom Blvd. grade level. This project will be underway over the course of the summer.  The good news is the crew is ahead of schedule with a target completion date of 1 September.  So keep your fingers crossed that will be no untimely delays with the project finishing ahead of schedule.

Your Lake Whatcom Sewer and Water District is constantly improving its services and infrastructure to provide its customers with the best water and sewer services in the watershed.  The Strawberry Point project is just one of many the District is undertaking.

Curt Casey

Commissioner, LWWSD